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"Music is the language of the soul"   

Introduction to the Program    

Viola's Notes was founded in 2012 with the aim of bringing quality group music classes to preschools and private instrument instructions to kids of all ages. All of the programs offered by Viola's Notes share a common mission, that of empowering students through music by giving them the tools they need to learn, create and express themselves in a supportive environment. One of the ways we do that is by understanding students learning styles, being passionate about music and sharing our enthusiasm with the students. 

All the teachers at Viola's Notes believe that all children have musical potential, that children learn in different ways and that we all have strengths and weaknesses. The job of the teacher is that of nurturing each student's unique learning abilities and help them improve on their weaknesses. 

Viola's Notes offers a variety of programs: Preschool Music Classes, Group Music Classes for Children & Families taught in English and Italian and Private Instrument Lessons 

Music in Preschools

Viola's Notes has been offering early childhood music classes since 2005. These classes are taught in preschools and focus on multicultural music and movement activities. 

This program is greatly influenced by the Orff and Gordon approach, child development theories on play, and the teachers' many years of experience working with young children. The program reflects developmentally appropriate practice and is founded on a strong belief that all children have musical potentials. 

During class children will explore traditional children's songs, classical, folk and world music through singing games, rhymes, fingerplays, creative movement, folk dancing, storytelling, instrumental jam sessions, body percussion and improvisation. Attending the class will expose children to important aspects of music-making, such as: moving in rhythm, listening, singing in various tonalities, developing social skills, learning about fast and slow, soft and loud, as well as using music and movement as forms of self-expression. During group music time children will learn about different cultures and experience the important social and musical aspects of sharing music and making music together. 

Call 510-593-9660 or email to schedule a free demo class.

Piano Keys
Private Music lessons

Viola's Notes has a team of wonderful teachers available for private lessons in a variety of instruments (Violin, Piano, Harp.) Classes are offered in your home or online. All teachers are highly trained and tailor the classes to the students' individual needs. Students are also offered two opportunities a year to perform in a recital where they can showcase to their friends and families their passion for music.

Call 510-593-9660 or email to be paired with a wonderful music teacher. 

Music Class
  Group Music Classes for Families (English & Italian) 

Violas' Notes has been offering group music classes to families with young children since 2012. If you are a parent and would like to expose your child to music try out a family class in English or Italian. Classes focus on folk music, singing and dancing. The Italian Music Classes are taught 100% in Italian but everyone is welcome to attend regardless language fluency. 

Viola has also recorded a bilingual music album you can find on all music platforms you can find under Viola Pellegrini or Canta!Let's Sing!

Call 510-593-9660 or email for more information.

Due to Covid-19 our group music classes are temporarily closed. We'll post updates as soon as it is safe to resume in person classes. In the meantime zoom and recorded music classes are available. Please email for more info. 

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