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The First Note


At Violas' Notes we believe in the importance of music exposure in early childhood. It is for this reason that one of the strong pillars at Viola's Notes is early childhood music education. 

The benefits of exposure to music from a young age have been documented for years. Students at Viola's Notes can attest that the program has helped them gain self esteem, achieve their dreams to play an instrument and gave them a vehicle for self expression. 

Teach In Harmony


Teacher's at Violas' Notes are hand picked for their musical abilities and their capacity to connect with students. Viola has found over the years that developing a personal rapport with the students based on trust and support helps them become more confident music makers. 

At Viola's Notes you can rest assured your kids will be in an encouraging and developmentally appropriate environment. 

The Future Sounds Good


Music lessons should not be a luxury but a requirement for all. Unfortunately many children cannot afford to participate in music classes. Viola's Notes hopes to raise funds for a scholarship fund towards aspiring students from low income families. 

  Viola Pellegrini  
Founder’s Notes 


Viola Pellegrini is passionate about teaching music to young children and hopes her enthusiasm will inspire children to enjoy the pleasures of making music. Music has changed Viola's life in many ways and her mission is that to help students find their voice and know that they are musical and have something worthy to share. Viola's goal is that to share her passion for world music and help children develop an appreciation for all types of music and respect for the people who make it. 

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