Viola's Notes - Sing, Play and Dance!


Celebrating the Lunar New Year with a real Lion Dance!


As part of the class children get to try out different instruments.


Here we are exploring the concepts of fast and slow, high and low with the aid of colorful scarves!

This Chinese ribbon dance was traditionally performed for royalty, and it was accompanied by music. Large and flowing movements of the ribbon were accompanied by slow music while sharp movements were accompanied by faster

Tanko Bushi is a Japanese folk song. The dance that accompanies it depicts the actions of coal miners, i.e., digging, carrying the coal, pushing a cart, etc. In this picture you can see the children performing the dance in a circle and moving their arms as if digging for coal.

On our journey around the world we stopped in the Philippines. Here you can see the children practicing the steps to the Tinikling dance. This dance involves two people beating and sliding bamboo poles on the ground and against each other in coordination with the dancers who step over and in between the poles. The dance imitates the movements of birds
(tikling)as they walk between grass stems or dodge bamboo traps.

Through experience I've learned that transitions are key to a successful class. After singing a song with rhythm sticks, the children laid them down to create a sun. Then one by one they got up, picked an instrument and marched around the circle singing "Sally Go 'Round the Sun". 

Our wonderful musical adventure through Latin America landed us in the country of Venezuela. Here you can see the children exploring the rhythms of the Quitiplas, a traditional instrument made of hollow bamboo.

During fall I love to sing and play musical games with pumpkins, nuts and leaves!

Here the kids are exploring the different qualities of elastic bands and making shapes accompanied by music.

As part of a gardening theme the children experienced drawing pathways between the bee and the flower. The activity included acting out the pathways and tracing the pathways with their voices. 

This summer's gardening theme was filled with songs and movement activities about worms. Here you can see the children shaping their bodies like worms. Some of them had worm strings and tried to replicate their shape.


Moja Mbili Tatu
A Swahili Counting Song
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La Barchetta in Mezzo al Mare
A Traditional Italian Song
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A Traditional Brazilian Song
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Who Fed the Chickens?
A Traditional American Song
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Would you like to learn a Samoan song? Here is Savalivali!

Below is a link to a demo class for parents and children!

Italian Immersion Music and Movement Class!

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