Viola's Notes - Sing, Play and Dance!
On this page you will find articles related to music and movement, songs and updates on music and movement events for the whole family in the Bay Area.
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  • 11 Facts About Music Education

  • What is Orff Schulwerk?

  • Introducing Toddlers to Music. If you are curious about the benefits of music and movement in the lives   of young children, and want to learn more about how to introduce them to   music in your own home, check out this easy to read article: 

  • Keith Terry's Body Music 

  • InCultureParent is an online magazine for parents raising little global citizens. Centered around culture and tradition, this wonderful online magazine features articles on parenting around the world and raising multicultural and multilingual (also bicultural and bilingual) children. 
          Check out my articles on multicultural music and movement!!

  • Pole Pole Onlus is a humanitarian organization providing healthcare, educational and basic services in the area of Malindi, Kenya. 


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